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Competitive & profitable mobile internet access
Founded in 2009, Rewheel is a Helsinki based boutique management consultancy specialising into strategies to meet Europe’s open mobile internet connectivity needs.

Our clients are progressive mobile operators (network operators and MVNOs), sector regulators, as well as various companies and investors of Europe’s emerging digital economy.

Our expertise covers competition, technology, spectrum, economic, financial modelling and regulatory aspects of the 'digital fuel' - ubiquitous open mobile internet connectivity.
Internet of Things, Mobile Video, Cloud, Connected Cars: net-neutral mobile data monetization solutions
Non-discriminatory QoS differentiation, ‘fast-lanes’, paid prioritisation, sponsored data: a wide range of 3GPP compliant 3G, LTE and LTE-Advanced technology solutions exist that enable innovative mobile data monetization strategies (for internet-access, specialised services, mobile video streaming, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine, connected cars, telemedicine) and business models even under the strictest net neutrality regulatory frameworks.

We have the required in-depth technology expertise (our consultants are inventors of world-wide patents related to novel mobile data traffic management techniques) as well as the techno-economic mobile data modelling framework (used for/by over ten European operators for spectrum, technology, pricing, vendor selection strategies) to develop and validate innovative “smart pipe” models.
Maximised spectrum efficiency and value
Since the onset of the mobile internet centric 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz license renewal wave in 2011 in Europe we have been providing strategy, spectrum valuation and auction theory advice (together with our world class CCA/SMRA auction theorist partners) to five European award processes (operator or regulator side depending on country), including new entrants and acquisitions as well as license renewals in multi-band (typically 800,900,1800,2100 and 2600 MHz) auctions. So far our spectrum advisory support has been directly impacting over EUR 1bn of European spectrum investments/state proceeds.
Competitiveness & profitability from the Finnish perspective
Among Rewheel's clients are the Finnish telecom and media regulatory authority as well as leading Finnish mobile operators.

Finland has among the lowest mobile internet usage prices, the highest mobile data consumption per capita (over ten times higher than Germany's), the highest mobile broadband population penetration, as well as among the fastest mobile broadband networks and best 4G/LTE coverage. All mobile operators in Finland abide by strict net neutrality principles: operators do not apply vertical price-discriminations. Despite the mass-affordable open mobile internet offers and very heavy mobile data traffic the Finnish telecom sector generates healthy returns for its investors (16% ROCE for the market leader operator).
Independence and integrity
Rewheel is fully independent from dominant telecom companies, equipment vendors and their industry lobby organisations such as GSMA, ETNO or ECTA.

Our independence and integrity is demonstrated by the strong and straightforward, pro-competition public positions taken in top business media such as the Financial Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, European Voice or the Wall Street Journal. We are often quoted on the hottest industry topics - in 2014 it is whether telecom and competition regulators should allow in-market consolidations leading to higher operator profits or the opposite: promote stronger infrastructure and spectrum based competition, leading to faster networks and more affordable mobile connectivity prices for consumers and higher utilisation of scarce spectrum resources.

Our consulting firm's small size and financial independence allows us to be selective on our engagaments. If a client's objectives are in conflict with our general pro-competitive stand point, we do not undertake the project.
Only senior consultants
Rewheel is privately owned by its founders Antonios Drossos (managing partner, Linkedin profile) and Pál Zarándy (senior partner, Linkedin profile).

Either Antonios or Pál - and most often both of them - always take a lead role in delivering any Rewheel consulting engagements.

If the scope requires so, we often involve our trusted external senior associates. This has been the case for example when top-class specialist auction theory expertise, hands-on go-to-market strategy development experience, in-depth engineering skills or EU competition law expertise have been required in our more complex consulting engagements.
High impact consulting engagements
We typically engage with our clients on top management or board level.

Since 2009 we have advised over 10 European mobile operators, including independent challengers as well as Tier-1 OpCos, regulators and a number of private equity and institutional investors and various mobile internet centric startups.
Digital Fuel Monitor
Mobile internet access is the fuel of the internet economy.

Technology innovation (LTE-Advanced, 5G, small cells), new radio spectrum bands (700 MHz), net neutrality regulation, mergers, new entrants, network sharing, MVNO deals, telco provisioned mobile video and cloud services, Google's and Facebook's zero-rating platforms – major, often disruptive market changes that may potentially incentivise operators to increase or decrease competition in provisioning open mobile internet access. Volume caps and provisioned speeds may go up. Though, practical experience shows that they often tend to go down.

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Client profiles
Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries
Indostrifonden, Swedish government investment foundation
Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway Germany
Commission for Communications Regulation
National Media and Infocommunications Authority Hungary
Nordic market leader convergent operator group

ETNO member
Western European mobile-only operation of a global fixed-line incumbent telecom group

ETNO member
Western European mobile-only number 4 challenger

Mobile Challengers member
Western European mobile-only operator belonging to an incumbent EU telecom group

ECTA member
Western European mobile-only operator belonging to an incumbent EU telecom group

ETNO member
Western European market leader mobile-only operator
Central Eastern European independent mobile-only challenger

ECTA member
Central Eastern European mobile-only operation of a global telecom group

ECTA member
Central Eastern European market leader mobile operator of a regional telecom group

ETNO member
Southern European nr. 3 convergent operator

ECTA member
Eastern European mobile-only operator of a global telecom group

ETNO member
Eastern European progressive mobile data-only challenger
Central Eastern European investors of a new entrant mobile-only operator
a leading global investment bank
a leading US policy control solution supplier
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